Easy Digital Downloads – ToolBox

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Easy Digital Downloads Toolbox plugin by TwistPress

Easy Digital Downloads – ToolBox

Easy Digital Downloads needs no introduction. It’s an amazing plugin that does allow you to sell your digital goods. As powerful as Easy Digital Downloads might be out of the box… it does need TwistPress EDD Toolbox plugin to reach its full potential. We call it Toolbox as with time we’ll keep adding more and more features to the plugin.

Upgrade Encouragement Widget, Block, Shortcode

Show your clients, they can upgrade their products. To get information about possible upgrade paths, users normally need to navigate to their licenses view and from there to ‘view license’. Not anymore. It should be clearly visible and available instantly so that your clients don’t have to wonder. Right now you have a possibility to show upgrade options with a Widget, Shortcode, Gutenberg block. That’s perfect for more passive encouragement just to display upgrade options in various contexts.

Widget comes with a number of settings. You can define its title, add a custom message, select which product to show upgrade options to, limit the options and more. Gutenberg block and Shortcode also comes with its own set of configuration options / parameters so you can customize it to your liking and to fit your business best.

Upgrade Encouragement Popup

Widgets, Gutenberg block and even a Shortcode, it’s all rather ‘static’ content that’s meant to blend with the site. A popup is more prominent and definitely can’t be missed. Popup provides the same upgrade information and comes with similar configuration options. There’s one more difference that’s perhaps the most important.

You can decide to show the popup on a schedule. Decide how many days after the purchase the popup should be shown to your clients. How many times should it be shown. You can add many variables to a single popup so that it shows 7, 14, 30 or 180 days after purchase informing clients about upgrade options for specific products in your offer.

Upgrade Encouragement Email

People often make a purchase and don’t return too often to the vendors websites. This puts us in a pickle. As popups, shortcodes, widgets etc work only when a client is visiting your site. This is when email comes into play.

Emails come with default content which you can fully customize to your liking. With that said, you also get to use the following tags:

  • {upgrade_options} – display upgrade options in table form
  • {username} – display username
  • {user_first_name} – display first name
  • {user_last_name} – display last name
  • {user_email} – display the email it’s sent to
  • {unsubscribe} – when clicking link, users won’t be getting upgrade info emails EVER for that particular product.

How many times those emails will be sent out depends on you. You can add many variables to a single popup so that it shows 7, 14, 30 or 180 days after purchase informing clients about upgrade options for specific products in your offer. You can setup emails for as many products as you’d like too.

Geolocation Based Pricing

Set special pricing based on the country of origin of your clients. You also have an option to Force payment information to match the pricing option meaning people from Poland must use a Polish form of payment in order for it to go through.

Time Based Pricing

Create special pricing based on the time of day. With this option you can have a variety of pricing depending on the hours of the day.

Day Based Pricing

Create special pricing based on a day of the week. You can have best pricing for the best performing days.

Referrer Based Pricing

You can have special deals with your affiliates, ad platforms or other. You can have special pricing based on where your clients are coming from. For example, $100 for someone who came through google.com and $90 for someone who came from one of your affiliates etc.


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