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MagicLinks by TwistPress


Automatically change chosen words or phrases into URLs of your choice. On one hand there’ll be no more need to link to a support form or provide an affiliate link. It’s done automatically for you so you never miss a conversion. On another hand, you get to keep track of all links in one central place. There’s no need to modify tens or hundreds or more posts, pages or even custom post types. Handle it all in one simple view.

Apart from automatic conversion of keywords or phrases into URLs you can also set External Link Warning. You can warn your users if they’re about to leave your page. That comes also with a whitelist, so that you just redirect people to trusted sites of your choosing, like your partner sites.

External Link Warning

This feature creates a Page that a user is first redirected to with a warning. You can edit the page and add your own style or even more text to the actual warning.


There are loads of configuration options that you’ll be thrilled about.

  • Name
    Name of the MagicLink so you can find it easily.
  • Keyword(s)
    What word, words or phrases should be converted into MagicLinks.
  • Link to
    Where should the the link lead to.
  • URL title
    What should show as the title of the link when you hover your cursor over it.
  • Case sensitive
    Yes / No
  • Open in a new tab
    Yes / No
  • Use no-follow
    Yes / No
  • Condition
    Find keyword(s) based on following condition – Any / All.
  • Context
    Where should MagicLinks work. You can choose all sorts of post types as well as post categories.


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