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Automatically change chosen words or phrases into URLs of your choice. On one hand there'll be no more need to link to a support form or provide an affiliate link.…

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This plugin is a collection of tools useful that come in handy developing WordPress plugins and debugging PeepSo. Every report can be exported to a text or html file. It…

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Our Reviews

Tyrese Ratchford

TwistPress plugins really do make the difference. Upgrade rate for my products skyrocketed after we started using the EDD Toolbox plugin. The way the Upgrade Encouragement widget works is a beauty in its own right. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Sasha Tooth

MagicLinks allowed us to monetize our site more efficiently. It takes out the labor intensity out of the equation, all the keywords and phrases automatically linking where we want them is a perfect solution for anyone depending on affiliate links.