Social Login & Invitations 1.3.0 Is Now Available

Social Login Post

This new version introduces the configuration separated from PeepSo integration, removing all configurable options related to Social Login & Invitations from PeepSo and moving it to the Social Login plugin, where it belongs.
But that is not all. We are also adding the new login provider – Steam, and full compatibility with recently released WordPress 5.4.

Social Login & Invitations require PeepSo version 2.7.5.
Before upgrading, make sure you also upgrade your PeepSo plugins as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use Social Login & Invitations with PeepSo.
After PeepSo is updated, the warning message will be shown in your admin panel to re-configure your integration.

Login With Steam

If you have a gaming community, now it’s easier than ever to let gamers join your website with their Steam account.
Simply sign up for the Steam API following the instructions provided in the configuration and you’re all set.

Don’t have the plugin?

You can get it here:

This is a legacy release for those who have purchased the plugin through this website. This plugin has been moved to its own website. This plugin is included for…

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