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Social Login & Invitations

There’s a new release of Social Login plugin. Only that it’s not the whole story. Notice the title? It’s got a brand new feature of Social Invitations. Hence also renaming the plugin to Social Login & INVITATIONS.

First and foremost thank you all for your trust and support when purchasing the plugin. We love to give back to the community so we make sure you get your money’s worth. Instead of creating a completely solution to support social invitations we decided to just include that feature in this plugin.

Social Invitations aspect of the plugin allows your members to invite their friends from other social networks to visit and join your site. Right now it supports only Facebook invitations, however that’ll change in the following weeks as we’re planning to add other supported platforms and networks.

Social Invitations take a form of a widget which you can place anywhere on the site according to your preference and well… whatever your theme allows. You can also use a shortcode:

[twst_social_invite link=””]

with the ‘link’ parameter to ensure the landing page for invitees. There’s also a Gutenberg Block that you can use in your posts or pages.

Important notice:

The upgrade to version 1.2.0 needs to happen manually. Please go to your account and download the latest version. Then go to your site > Backend > Plugins > Installed Plugins. Find the older version of Social Login plugin, deactivate and delete it. After that just install the new version that you downloaded. It’s the only time we’ll require you to do this and all future updates will happen automatically. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

Don’t have the the plugin?

You can get it here:

This is a legacy release for those who have purchased the plugin through this website. This plugin has been moved to its own website. This plugin is included for…

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